I’ve been trying to balance out a lot of emotions lately, because ‘when it rains it pours’.

In this past year there has been great joy in my life. I have a brand new niece, my little sister got married, and I’ve seen some incredible growth in the business side of my illustration and blogging this year. I’ve made new friends, and strengthened old friendships. But of late, there has also been a lot of stress surrounding the health of family and friends. A few friends have spent the year fighting cancer and too many family members have been struggling with failing health.

Today, I just needed to vent some of these emotions out. Because even through it’s a stressful time, and yes I’m worried about everyone, as of right now everyone is ok. Not great, not fine, but ok. So, to vent, I created this speed paint video of the artwork I posted on Tuesday and combined it with readings of a few poems. One of which I’ve never shared online before.

Thank you for being my support this year, and every time I’ve needed you.

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