Ho Ho Horror Haikuesday everyone!


Now, a story disguised as a poem:

A crackling fire,
The coal Santa gave was the perfect kindling.
Joy flickers through the chilled heart
as sparks glitter delicately on cheerful golden spheres.
Wrapping paper ascends to the impassive stars
as plumes of acrid greens and blues.

The warmth drains from the scene
when a loud
comes from the roof above.

The prepared for moment has come.

Fire poker gripped in sweaty hands.
That tremble in jolts to
match the labored pace of hoof-steps.

Plaster cascades through the air.
Joining the thickening smoke
as snow would join steam above hot tea.

Up on the rooftop hoof-steps pause,
down through the chimney comes a howl
all bitterness and fury too.

Another thud.
A labored scrape,
Here he comes, good ol’ Krampus.

Dear god, I hope my fire is big enough.

~Jeanette Andromeda

If you’re still in need a last minute Solstice, Christmas, or birthday gift, today’s artwork is available as a print and other products (like tote bags or cards) on my Society 6 Store. You can also snag a copy of the brand new book by today’s poet, A.F. Stewart: Horror Haiku and Other Poems.

See you next week my friend!

2 thoughts

  1. I also posted a bit of Krampus poetry on Twitter, but I didn’t have enough characters left to tag it.

    What’s inside his bulging sack?
    Something fun or something sweet?
    Well, it’s something Krampus plays with
    And that he finds good to eat

    Liked by 1 person

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