the-land-of-forgotten-toysIn your attic is a pile of discontent ready to turn on you at any moment. Did you know? Did you know that when you love something so very intensely a spark of life is created? When you suddenly stop loving that toy a different spark is ignited. A spark of anger that grows like a bright ember glowing within your fireplace. How many toys have you loved so very intensely? How many bears, toy soldiers, barbies, and creations of play-dough have brought you joy? Twenty, fifty, a hundred perhaps? A small army’s worth I’d bet you.

They are all there in your attic, plotting, and waiting for their time. Waiting for their moment of revenge! So keep asking your mommy and daddy for more, more, more! Every year more new gadgets, and toys to stuff your closet with, and when you tire of them simply send them away. Send them to the land of forgotten toys. You may have forgotten them, but they remember you. Remember how you took them everywhere. To bed, in the kitchen, to school, to the park, and to grandma’s house. Oh how they remember you calling them your best friend, your loyal companion, and now you call them trash. No scratch that. Less than trash. At least trash knows where it stands with you. No these toys are left to rot in the attic just in case. In case you maybe change your mind one day.

So please by all means ask daddy to throw one more of us in the dusty, dirty, dark, and grimy attic! That pit of limbo where we all await. Await for that hatch to open one last time, and whoever is so unlucky to let us loose will feel our wrath…first!


Turn the key. Wind the toy and watch it go. Click, clock, tick, tock, stab, stab, stab! Maybe it was a little birdie toy? Like the kind Alfred Hitchcock would enjoy.  Fly away my little birdies and leave me a tweet! @HtvImmortal

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