Last night Immortal Alexander and I had a blast simply performing this week’s stories. So, here they are:

Thoughts on Horror Made’s Content

This year has brought a lot of unexpected things into the mix. Like part-time jobs, huge opportunities in art commissions and Podcasting. Moving, weddings, births and baptisms, illness and hospital visits. Although, for once, I wasn’t the one admitted to the hospital. Around the time I started blogging here on Horror Made I stopped working full time on indie films. Which I’m still convinced was a good choice for myself because my work-aholic  tendencies kept me from sleeping, seeing family and friends or doing my own artwork. I also, as hinted at before, would put myself in the ER every few months because of my exhausted state. (Glass in the eye, lungs so inflamed they almost broke my ribs, to name a couple of those visits.) And then I started blogging and exploring what the world could offer for work where I could be in control of my hours and environment.

So my journey to become an entrepreneurial artist shifted focus and this year has brought a lot of my hopes to the forefront. While mulling these things over before my first cup of coffee, I found myself looking back at the 1st post of 2016. I want to take a little look through the post and see which plans I had set and which ones were accomplished.

Art and Story

Short Stories

I have not focused enough on my short story writing. But with the 9th Story Podcast and using stories to accompany the speed draw videos I feel like I finally have the right motivation to dedicate more focus to them. I have at least been writing more poetry this year, thanks to our Haikuesdays.


Immortal Alexander has joined me as a full time contributor. So, because of his stories we’ve seen a ton of short fiction this year. 🙂


Artwork has been THE main focus this year. I’ve been learning how to better use Corel Painter, watching Tutorial videos and forcing myself to create at least one piece of new artwork every week through the Horror Haikuesday posts. This year will have seen 53 Tuesdays (I think the leap day was a Tuesday…) Which means I created at least that many although some weeks had two or even three pieces of artwork posted. I’d love to go back and count everything up. There were also numerous pieces done for podcast covers, art to accompany guest posts and waaaaay more. So, yeah. Big ol’ fat gold star on that goal.


Another gold star on this one. I’ve fully paid the last three months of bills with payment from commissioned illustrations. I was hired to do a live painting this year, had that auctioned off and even had my artwork in 2 gallery exhibits. And instead of opening up individual commissions like I’d been thinking I opened up my ArtPal and Society6 stores. They’ve both started  seeing some sales, which has been really satisfying and helpful!

Because I needed to pay my bills

One of the easiest pitfalls for an artist to fall into is to just freelance. But that means if you’re not actively working, you’re not making money. So this year has also been figuring out which passive income streams I can set in motion to help pay those pesky bills. Here’s what I’ve done:

  • Print-on-demand stores (ArtPal and Society6)
  • Amazon Affiliate links – almost every time I post a link to Amazon it’s an affiliate link. So whenever someone buys something through the link, amazon shares a tiny part of that sale with me.
  • YouTube Revenue – a few thousand views = about $10

Eventually I’d like to write a few posts talking about how I’m utilizing each of those platforms, but for now, I’ll breeze by that thought.

Horror Made Resources

  1. How to survive a horror convention – nope. Didn’t explore that topic
  2. Horror Home Decor from DIY to top shelf – yes, I did a bunch of these but they’re not really holding my interest
  3. ALL of the best horror podcasts, broken down by subject – still need to do before the year is over. I’ve been taking lots of notes all year long though!


I did manage to review one book every single week until I had to move. But once I moved, my time and focused was scattered so I fell behind on those. I do still plan to do 1 book or comic review a month or a little more frequently if I have the time. I LOVE reading what other horror authors have been making and I love helping them get their work seen. But there’s only so many hours in a day I’ve come to realize. Movie reviews though? I have very little interest in writing them at the moment because I find I’d rather curl up with a book.


I think I’ve done pretty well this year. There are still a few things I want to finish up before 2017 hits and I’m going to do my best to crank them out despite what life has decided to throw my way recently.

Anyway… That was a long winded side note, but I had a lot on my mind and needed to share. So thank you for listening and thank you for being a HUGE part of the success I’ve seen this year.

Without you, there is no Horror Made.

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