Hello Boils and Ghouls. Immortal Alexander here to take you on an adventure. An adventure into terror! Last week I started a choose your own adventure poll for #FearFridays. I have decided to make this a five part series ending on Friday January 13th! Each week I will ask you to choose what you will do next in the dark and creepy castle. The highest vote each week dictates where the story goes, but I will still post the consequences for each vote every week. Don’t worry if you missed a week. You can still play…bwa ha ha ha!

Ok so here’s the result of last weeks Choose Your Own Adventure:

Part 1

You wake up in a strange castle with no memory of how you got there. What will you do?

25% Open door to your left

21% Pull handle to your right

29% Open trapdoor below you

25% Accept what fate brings

29% of you choose to open the trapdoor below you. Here’s what happens:

Your fingers are wrapped in gauze. Was there an accident? You slowly open the trapdoor at your feet with trepidation. The door creeks open loudly causing someone or something to begin approaching. The loud footsteps quicken and you slide feet first into the abyss of darkness below closing the hatch behind you with a slam!

You land in a pile of human and animal remains which is both soft and crunchy. The dead things are deformed. Some of them are stitched together in odd ways. You shudder as you raise to your feet and take in your surroundings. There is the distinct sound of water rushing to your side, and a long drafty tunnel before you.

What will you do next?


For last week if you had opened the door to your left you would have found a brick wall behind it. If you had pulled the handle to your right a panel would have rotated on the wall relieving a crossbow. If you had accepted your fate a large hand would have pierced the dark hallway and dragged you away. Fun right?

Follow me and join in the fun, and fear every Friday! @HtvImmortal

Find Part 1 HERE




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