Immortal Alexander here. Every week until January 13th I will have a Choose Your Own Adventure poll. The highest vote dictates where the story goes next. Last time on CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE you awoke in a creepy castle with no memory. A strange sound came from down the hall. Here’s the results from last week’s poll.

You chose the trap door. You land on a pile of dead things. What will u do?

22% Jump across the waterway
56% Make a weapon out of bone
11% Choose the large door to your right
11% Choose the dark tunnel in front of you

You chose to make a weapon out of bone. This took you some time to accomplish. With a large rock you scraped the end of the bone into a sharp point. The bone you chose is much larger than any human bone you have ever seen. While you toiled something large and hungry stares at you through the dark with vision as red as blood. Some of it’s hot drool escapes its mouth and sizzles on the floor catching your attention. You hold the bone out to deter whatever creature may be ready to pounce at any moment, silence. Suddenly a large flame erupts from the darkness giving you a brief glimpse of the beast, and of your surroundings. There is a hidden door behind you, and a dragon in front of you. What will you do?


Find Part One Here
Find Part Two Here

Here’s what would happened if you had picked the other choices from last weeks poll. If you had jumped across the waterway you would have slipped and fell into the water that would have sent you outside of the castle like a water slide. If you had chosen the large door to your right you would have entered the dungeon which had many sharp things that would have aided you on your adventure. If you had chosen the dark tunnel in front of you you would have been roasted alive by the dragon, and another lost sole would have been set free somewhere in the castle for it’s inhabitants to play with.


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