Immortal Alexaner here. Today’s theme for HorrorHaikuesday is the end of the world and new beginnings inspired by the upcoming new year. Today’s featured poet is @radish_attack !

This Lovecraft inspired tweet created a little inspiration for a poem, and photography by me Immortal Alexander. Enjoy!

immortal-alexander8WORLDS END by


The end of the world as we know it

The beginning of something new

Old memories

Old lives cast aside

Love beckons brushing away despair

She resolves to remove the pain, and the hate

To ingest it all into herself

To burn it away in her fiery belly

All that was old is gone

Her tendrils make it all go away

Making room for the new year



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We feature a different poet every week and create something original inspired by the featured poem.

Have a fun and safe New Years everyone from all of us at


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