The quick “What’s up?”

Life is one great big balancing act. Sometimes you can manage to juggle family with creative pursuits and paying you bills at the same time and other times things get dropped. Hopefully not for very long, but it happens. And that’s been happening for me lately. There’s been a lot of loved ones in my life who’ve needed my help lately.  Thankfully, Immortal Alexander has been able to pick up the slack here on Horror Made the last few weeks. I seriously wouldn’t have been able to juggle it all or even start to get ahead on next year without his help. Also thankfully, things have *knocks on wood* started to calm down for the moment and everyone seems to be back on the road to recovery.

So, beyond the rounds of helping family and enjoying the holidays what have I been up to?

The 9th Story visits Silent Hills

ZOUNDS! So much! Immortal Alexander and I have officially taken over the 9th Story Podcast. Although Dan Foytik (the creator) is still our executive producer. Which means he’ll still be joining us from time to time on the show and he’s still a big part of us figuring out how to actually podcast. As in, recording it without echoes or posting it into the RSS feeds etc. There’s still so much to learn from our podcasting sensei!

We also interviewed our first guests for the new upcoming season! Do you remember Silent Hills P.T. in Real Life? If you don’t you can watch that HERE.

It was the creators of this short film, Courtlan Gordon and Ryan Becker, that we interviewed. It was a fascinating conversation about filmmaking, storytelling and the ripple effects of a viral video in a creator’s life. I’m very much looking forward to sharing that interview with you in January, but until then, check out this kick-ass sequel to P.T. they created:


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