Hello everyone. Immortal Alexander here for PART 4 of our ongoing CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE story for #FearFridays. For those finding this for the first time I am doing a poll on twitter every week. The option with the most votes advances the story. In the event of a tie vote I will place both options in a hat and pick the winner.

Here’s last week’s poll:

A dragon appears blowing fire. You are armed with a sharpened bone. What will you do

29% Fight the dragon

29% Take hidden door behind u

14% Throw a dead animal at it

28% Hide under the dead

This week there was in fact a tie so here I go using my magic sorting hat. Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle. No really I am actually shuffling through a hat. The winner is FIGHT THE DRAGON!

CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE PART 4.jpgIn the bowels of a dank and gloomy castle you are faced with a fire breathing dragon. Armed with only a sharpened bone you cling to the stone walls keeping as much distance as you can between you and the foul beast. You bend down and grab the skull of a previous victim and take aim. With all of your might you toss the skull at the beast. The skull smacks against the dragon’s right eye annoying it greatly. The room erupts with bright hot flame. You dodge to the left and run full speed at the beast with your sharpened bone pointing straight out. The dragon readies another volley of flame breathing in deeply. Before it can do so you stab the dragon right in its belly causing it to roll on its back in pain. You take the opportunity to make your escape down a dark tunnel where the dragon had previously emerged.
At the end of the tunnel is an opening to the outside world gated by iron bars. The bars are just wide enough for your to fit through. Below is a dark forest. The side of the castle is covered in vines and pipes. To your right is a stairway leading downward. To your left is a rack of weapons including a large spear. Below you is a sewer grate.


What will you choose?

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Here’s what would have happened if you had picked one of the other options. If you had taken the hidden door behind you you would have freed a stitched together monster, and would have to fight both the monster and the dragon. If you had thrown a dead animal at the dragon it would have eaten the dead thing and left the way it came. If you would have hidden under the dead the dragon would have smelled you and roasted you alive! Mmmm mmmm BBQ!

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