Hello my friend and Happy New Year! I feel like I’m finally getting back on my feet after about a month of life kicking me in the face. But now I’m back with a few #HorrorHaikuesday post mortem stats. After the Woo-Whoo! section you will find this year’s 1st Horror Haikuesday piece 🙂

Last year we saw

  • 47 Horror Haikuesday Posts
  • 109 pieces of art were created to pair with your poetry
  • 35 different poets had their work featured here

Thank you to all of you amazing authors out there who have been playing this hashtag game with me!

Here’s everyone who was featured in the artwork/poetry combo this past year:

  1. softspokenblogPatrick Rahall
  2.  B Rainmist – @brainmist
  3. Nano Horror –@tweetsthecreeps
  4. Laura James – @LEJamez
  5. Adam Zed – @Adam_Zed
  6. Ruth Long – @bullishink
  7. A.F. Stewart – @scribe77
  8. Ax Lizzie – @AxLizzie
  9. Andy Van Scoyoc – @BohemianCelt
  10. Michelle Parker – @TransmogriFi
  11. Ross Smeltzer – @RossTellsTales
  12. Ben Walker – @BensNotWriting
  13. Haiku of Horror – @haikuofhorror
  14. David Bradley Bailey – @Dbfuturist42
  15. Kylie Goetz – @eXtremeKylieG
  16. Haikutsunami – @Haikutsunami
  17. Eric Kennedy – @EricKennedy20
  18. Yellow Rose – @smilinirish
  19. Anthony Etherin – @Anthony_Etherin
  20. Honora, RN, PHD – @honorayork2
  21. Pete Alex Harris – @ScavengerEthic
  22. David Tully – @CynicalEyebrowsunlightb
  23. Pochassic – @Pochassic
  24. Mister E – @SlimeySammy
  25. Noble Gaming – @TheNobleGaming
  26. Benjamin Gibson – @CoastalRoadNine
  27. Adam Ma – @34thGingerbread
  28. Hoppy Rogers – @HoppyRog
  29. Magnificent Cowlick – @MCMbooks
  30. Fran Maglione – @FranMaglione
  31. Immortal Alexander – @HtvImmortal
  32. Matt Carpenter – @Mattatronian
  33. Radish Attack – @radish_attack
  34. Rhypinion – @rhypinion
  35. Jenbo – @QueenJenbo


CHEERS you beautiful people, I’m looking forward to creating even more horror fun with you this year!

And here is the very first piece of 2017, inspired by La Regina’s (@lareginatweets) poem.


I hope you have a fabulous week! And I’m looking forward to reading what you cook up using #HorrorHaikuesday over on Twitter. (I’m @horror_made in case you were wondering).

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