Brush away the streamers

Throw away your party hats

Your noise makers

Your regrets

Recycle bottle upon bottle of champagne

A long slow recovery from an excruciating hangover

Now what to do with your life?

Can’t forget about the past or you are doomed to repeat it

Can’t forget every shitty mistake

Every slap you took

Every time you hesitated to move forward

You are supposed to wipe it all away

Start fresh

But how?

A goal?

That’s how it worked in Super Mario

Just keep running to the right and you’ll get there

But in real life

Without a goal

You run aimlessly to nowhere

I have found a goal

One that is not oblivion

A thing I can do

And get better at

There will always be horrors

Just around the corner

But I will face them all

And even create a few of my own

For light and dark

Shadow and the blinding sun

Both comprise who I am

And who I will become!


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