Ready to take a mind bending trip through your earbuds? Great, I have a one way ticket to the bizarre horror podcast named “Sable” I’d love to share with you.

sablepodI recently binged my way through Sable’s entire archive of episodes and I’m now anxiously waiting for the next one to air. I was turned onto it by Immortal Alexander, who in turn heard about it because of The Wicked Library Podcast. I overheard him listening to one of the episodes and I was instantly intrigued. There was a ghost detective in a car with a zombie and some sort of a Sherlock Holmes character sassing up the scene. Granted, it was confusing jumping into the middle of the story like that. But the humor and richness of the language was captivating.

Thankfully, Mr. Immortal let me know to listen starting from the 1st episode, so I did. I listened to one while washing dishes, then another, and another. A day later at about 4am I finished the latest episode feeling like I’d just woken up from an delightfully disturbing dream.

So what exactly is Sable?

Ok, so the short version of that answer is that it’s a horror story podcast with a single ongoing narrative.

My fanart of the character “Crow”

Although, at first it seems like different stories all tied together by the same universe. Then little tangles begin to happen between the stories. For example, “Sable” is a person from a futuristic world in one story and the name of a town in the next. Boggs is a crazed magician, a doctor, and a dead man depending on the day.


Listening to Sable is a bit like how I’d imagine an abstract painting would sound. Well, an abstract painting, that may or may not have been painted using human remains. I mean that as a compliment btw. It’s fascinating, frightening and gory.

Lane Lloyd, the narrator/creator/author of the podcast, does a far cleaner job of explaining this through his Patreon page though:

Sable is a singular narrative podcast meant to chill you to your very core and ask you one simple question; How much of this world is actually real? What has been hidden from us? Who, exactly, is doing the hiding? It’s a podcast that can take place in multiple universes, all coming together to find an answer to all those questions and more.


Every season (Except for those specified) take[‘s] place in different worlds, times, settings. Though the seasons can be enjoyed separately from one another, if you stick around from the very beginning, you will start to see the connective tissue underneath. Something is going on here, something that connects all of these characters together, even if they don’t know it themselves.[]

It’s stunning.

Each episode is like looking into a fractured mirror. Every slice is a little further off from the last and as a whole it builds a vivid yet disturbing image. So if you’re in the mood for an impeccably well performed story that will kick your imagination into high gear, I HIGHLY recommend you check this out.

Where to Find Sable

iTunes   ♦   Stitcher   ♦  Patreon




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