Hello everyone. I’m Immortal Alexander and welcome to #FearFridays. For the past couple of weeks I have been creating a Choose Your Own Adventure poll where I have been creating a 6 part story with the help of you the readers. Every week you choose where the story goes on twitter. If you want to see what happened in previous weeks for Choose Your Own Adventure you can click the links at the bottom of this post.

Here’s the results from last weeks poll:

Within the darkest recesses of a creepy castle you are fighting a dragon with a sharpened bone. You injure the beast and run past it into a tunnel. There is a barred shaft leading outside the castle. Below is a drop that is hundreds of feet down. What will you do?

00% Climb down the side of the castle

29% Take the stairs leading down

57% Grab a spear from the wall

14% Enter the sewer below you

You chose to grab a spear from the wall. Here’s what happens next!

choose-your-own-adventure-part-5The dragon begins to make it’s way down the tunnel roaring with pain! You remove a spear from a set of hooks on the wall beside you. When you do you hears multiple loud clicks and what sounds like gears turning. The dragon rears it’s head around the corner and begins to fill it’s mouth with flame. Just as it’s about to exhale a trap door below you opens dropping you down into the darkness. As you fall you can see flames licking walls above you. You begin to slide down waterways. The stench of it is awful. You try not to breath. You keep the spear in front of you close to your body to prevent loosing your grip. You continue sliding down a spiraling tube for what feels like forever. Eventually you can a body of water illuminated by torches below you. Your ride end with a splash. You sink deep into the water. When you emerge you are no longer in the castle, but in a lake in a dark forest.

How will you proceed?

Find part one     HERE

Find part two     HERE

Find part three  HERE

Find part four    HERE

Here’s what would have happened if you had picked the other choices from last week.

If you had climbed down the side of the castle you would have had to fight giant bats with your spear on the way down. If you had taken the stairs you would have ended up in a large laboratory with many experiments bound and caged everywhere. If you had entered the sewer below you would have slid down a different water way and ended up outside on the other side of the castle.

Follow along with the fun every Friday on twitter @HtvImmortal

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