Immortal Alexander here for the conclusion of my Choose You Own Adventure series for #FearFridays. For the past few weeks I ran a weekly poll. The results for each week’s poll would further the story I wrote. Link’s to the rest of the story are at the bottom of this post.

Here’s the results for last weeks poll:

You take the spear. A trap door opens sending you sliding down. You land in a lake outside of the castle. What will you do?

75% Enter The Dark Woods

13% Take the path to your left

13% Take the path to your right

0%   Call out for help

You choose to Enter The Dark Woods. Now for the exciting conclusion!


You enter the dark woods soaked, alone, and carrying a large iron spear. The spear is heavy but you are strong, very strong. Maybe they had done something to you in that dark castle. Maybe you were one of their experiments. You have no memory of the past. All you have is your strength and your courage.

A deep red path lies before you beset on both sides by rows of endless pines. You make your way down the path. As you travel you can swear you hear whispering coming from the trees. There is no wind. No other signs of life. Yet a whisper is carried through the rustling pines. As you look back at the path you notice a dark figure in the distance blocking the road ahead. The shadowy figure speaks. You can hear his raspy voice scratching within your mind. “I made you, and I can unmake you” he bellows.

The figure comes barreling at you like a floating banshee. You hold fast, spear at the ready. Just as he is almost upon you he vanishes like smoke. Something stirs inside of you. A hidden power you posses. You close your eyes. You focus your senses on the air around you. Hone in on the dark one’s essence. A clawed hand made of smoke reaches for you from behind. With lightening like reflexes you thrust the spear hard behind you impaling the monster. It screeches in pain. The iron burns it’s insides. Charring it to ash from the inside out.

It is gone. You may now choose whatever path you wish. You are free!


Thank you so very much for being a part of this little experiment. I do apologize for posting this so late, and for not putting out a story this past Wednesday. I had some personal things going on that smashed my creativity to ribbons. I am doing better now. Even bad things can sometimes lead you down a better path. As long as you make sure you come out stronger on the other side.


Fine the rest of the story here:

















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