Welcome to the Witching hour!

To Inspire You


I’m looking forward to reading what you guys create today! Make sure to tag either me @horror_made or #HorrorHaikuesday in your poem so I can find it 🙂

Speaking of witch…

Created by You

Here’s the poetry that was created last week based on Shift. You guys F***ing knocked these out of the park! So I guess the shift in format is ok then?

This 1st one nearly sent coffee out of my nose. XD

Eyes roll back, head snaps
the demons have chosen her
she is their vessel

— Kylie Goetz (@eXtremeKylieG) January 17, 2017

Self Exploration

Struggling with her soul
Was she a beauty or beast?

~Written by Ginni Deville aka @ginnideville she posted this on her blog: ginnibites.wordpress.com


Welcome back Deb!

Like Today’s Artwork?

Well, you can keep it around in a more concrete way by getting it on all sorts of things like… pillows, travel mugs, or prints on my Society 6 Store. Every purchase helps me buy a little more gin to fuel my sleepless nights of creativity. Thank you!

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