Ham radios are a fun pastime

Broadcasting to only a select few

It’s like sharing a secret world no one else can find

Unless you want them to

I like to tinker

I add strange parts that aren’t supposed to work

Strange parts from my grandfathers collection

The results can be surprising

Radios aren’t supposed to transmit light right?

But that’s what happens sometimes

A strange voice or sound followed by a faint purple glow

A glow emanating from the radio itself

Hello I would say

Sometimes no reply


Sometimes a voice would say

Hello Margaret

This would both excite me and send chills down my spine

Since the time I first heard the voice

Since that night

Sometimes I can still hear it

Even when I’m not near the radio

I can still hear the voice calling out

Hello Margaret

I can see a purple light coming from behind me

It pulses slow and steady

I don’t want to look

I don’t want to know

What it is


What it wants



find me on twitter @HtvImmortal



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