Inspired by You

This week’s artwork was initially inspired by a poem from a waaaays back by Kylie Goetz:


Watery Grave

Murky night slips in through parted lips
Violent burst of bubbles escape
as burning lungs gasp in treacherous water
and a smile tears across the drowning man’s face.
He was right,
She was real.

~Jeanette Andromeda

I’d still like to invite you to use this artwork as inspiration for your haiku creations this week. If you link to this post, tag @horror_made or #horrorhaikuesday in your poem I’ll be able to find it and add your creation to next week’s post.

Need a notebook for your diabolical poetry? You can get one with today’s artwork on the cover along with other goodness over on my Society 6 store.

Created by You

Here’s the response poems to last week’s artwork; The River Styx.theriverstyx


Hey, did you know that Kylie has a YouTube channel where she shares her poetry on a regular basis? You didn’t?! Oh, well, you should go watch her ukulele songs and poetry.  Here’s one of hers I thought fit the theme:


And here’s one from Deb she shared on her blog;

The sea, his graveyard
as his flesh fed the sirens
Oh, foolish human!
© P. Bunnykins

Until next time my friends ❤


4 thoughts

  1. This filled my heart to bursting! Love your gorgeous artwork so much. And that your art can inspire my words and my words can inspire your art makes me feel part of something greater! The internet may have its nefarious side, but that it can bring together people who might never otherwise meet, to make art from a tweet…well, isn’t that sweet?

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