the-bogIn my deepest darkest nightmares there is a place simply called THE BOG. A place where demons stalk me relentlessly. I rest for a brief moment on my haunches to catch my breath, but I know, somewhere in this godless place lies red eyes spying at me through the dark. Somewhere in the brush something stirs, a rabbit? I see the shivering thing run off over to dry land and just when I think it is safe, that the helpless creature somehow represents hope, a million shadows fly up into the air and descend upon it like B 52 bombers. Then all I hear is a single shriek from the rabbit, and the sounds of it being rendered to bits in mere seconds. Followed by chewing, gnawing, and chittering.

In my nightmares there is no such thing as a safe place to hide. Just when my heartbeat begins to slow I feel hot breath on my shoulder, and something large raising above my head. I RUN! I splash on the edge of the swamp. Just enough ground to give me traction, but not enough to make me feel I can outrun the thing behind me. Don’t look back I repeat to myself. I made this mistake once. Once and only once. If I look back it will be right there ready to devour me whole. A large row of never ending teeth, and little beady red eyes glowing like hellfire!

I see a small shaft of light peeking through the trees in the distance beyond the bog. An exit? A way to escape the darkness? I don’t have time to calculate the risk. I make a break for it. There is chittering coming from the trees full of thousands of glowing yellow eyes. I know they are there staring but they will not attack, yet. The yellow eyed things never move in my nightmares, but things can always change here in an instant. I only look at them through my periphery. Never directly for acknowledging them could make them change. I am breathing hard. My body is numb and being pushed to it’s limit. My lungs feel like they are going to explode, but somehow I keep running.

I have power here but it is the opposite of what I want. Whenever I make eye contact with a demon it feeds on my fear and becomes stronger. It changes into something worse. It is as if they are siphoning power from my imagination. As if they want to be free of me. Of their confines. That if they devour me they would become me. Allowed to create and change as they pleased. I can never reach the light. It is always way off in the distance. Never seeming to get any closer no matter how fast I run. There are howls now coming from behind me. Shadow creatures bounding, leaping up into the trees, and through the air. I don’t have to look. I know what they are. I don’t have to look. If I don’t look they won’t change. I have to wake up soon. My feet are numb and I am pushing myself to go ever faster. Breath moving in and out of me like a hurricane. I focus on the light in the distance. If I don’t wake up soon I will be lost, running endlessly, in the dark.


TWEET TWEET, scratch, scrape, crunch! A little devil bird calls to you in the dark. @HtvImmortal

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3 thoughts

    1. Thank you so much! This was a fun one to write. I have had a hard time getting back into my creative space lately. This was a great little kick in the right direction.

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      1. Well this inspired me to get a little more creative. It was so detailed that as I read it played like a movie in my head. Such a thriller. I hope you get back to your creative space because I loved this one.


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