A love poem

I love adore and cherish you

You are the night
To my stalking.
The eerie creaks
To the attic of my soul
You are the moon listening
To my howling.
You are the cover of night
to my evening prowling.

I love, adore and cherish you

And that my sweet secret,
My cherished chill,
My reason for endless enterinty,
That is why
You must remain here.
Locked in here.
Protected here.

I love, adore and will forever cherish you.

Happy Valentine’s Day ❤

To Inspire You

I pulled another old watercolor painting of mine out of the archives. This one is from my styles of ornament class in college. It’s kind of fun digging through my old artwork. Eventually I’d like to recreate some of these and see how different the outcome would be.  Until then, I look forward to reading what poems you invent based on this.

Either link back to this post, tag @horror_made, or #horrorhaikuesday so I can find it and add it to next week’s post.

runaway love3.png

Created by You

No shameless self promotion for a new product today, but do feel free to stop by my Society 6 Store and see if there’s anything you might like. 😉

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