I was perusing some of my set aside drafts of blog posts a recently and I realized that I never hit publish on this one! So this is a little bit of a blast from the past, but I still wanted to share it with you.

one of my favorite horror movie review podcast, Trick or Treat Radio, interviewed the director of one of the most brutal music videos I’ve ever seen. It was after hearing the interview that I went out and found the music video “Blood Eagle Wings.”

The guys on Trick or Treat radio interviewed the Director/Producer/Writer Jack Bennett about his work on this brutal music video by Anthrax. You can listen to the interview near the beginning of episode 191:


blood eagle wings

Now, if you’re ok with lots and lots of gore and graphic violence, I also recommend checking out the music video. The gore is done incredibly well and it actually made me gag a couple times. Although it really is a video which is for mature and unsupervised audiences only.

Curiosity got the better of me once again after watching the music video, so I looked around to see if there were any more behind the scenes looks or conversations. I found one! So here’s that too.

What did you think about the video?

3 thoughts

  1. Wow. Just…wow!
    What I enjoy most about horror (in all its various mediums) is it is the only genre which unabashedly takes on the subject of evil. This was another epic handling of the subject.

    I really enjoyed it! Thank you for sharing this!

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