Hello my fellow creeps and ghouls. Immortal Alexander here with another #FearFridays poll. Fell asleep at the wheel yesterday so this time you get my post on a Saturday. Last week I asked:

Frosty is playing peekaboo with you from your second story window. Do you know where his corncob pipe is?

Here are the results from last weeks poll:

22% Smoking is bad for you

56% I think Rudolph has it

11% Blame it on the Yetti

11% Nope. Have some candy cigarettes

So…56% of you chose to blame poor Rudolph. Apparently he’s been caught smoking behind Santa’s shed again. Maybe that red nose of his is just how he blushes when he’s hiding something. Wonder what else he has buried behind that shed?

This week I’m asking:









Cast your vote and follow me on twitter for more creepy fun! @HtvImmortal

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