It’s #FearFridays time once again, and once again I am posting on Saturday instead of Friday. Votes came in late this week so I wanted to give it a little more time for more votes to come in. Here’s the results from last weeks poll.

Your cat hovers over your face creepily while you sleep. What does it want?


20% The litter needs cleaning

13% To bite your face

33% To steam your breath

34% To tell you a secret

Well well well…you have a secret for me kitty? What is it? Can you see dead people? Is there a demon staring at me in the dark? Whatever your feline friend has to say it’s only meant to be between the both of you. “Hiss… IT’S A SECRET TO EVERYBODY!”

Drum roll…and now for this weeks #FearFridays poll!

Death creeps in from all sides. He offers you four choices. One choice will lead to your instant demise. The other three will have varying effects. What will you choose?






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