death-becomes-youHello my fellow fiends! Immortal Alexander here to take you on a dark journey to #FearFridays ! Every week I ask you a question with multiple answers. You choose where this journey goes, and you make the cogs of destiny turn.

Last week I asked:


Death appears. It offers you four choices. One choice will lead to your instant demise. The other three will have varying effects. What will you choose?


Here are you answers:

31% Box with image of a cake

13% Box with image of a dove

44% Box with image of a bull

12% Box with image of a clown

I guess most of you love cake! I mean who doesn’t? Here’s what happens:

You open the box with the image of a cake on the side expecting something sweet. Instead a purple puff of smoke appears and death bellows “you loose one year of life” before fading into a wall while snickering.

Let’s see what would have happened if you had chosen the other boxes.

Box with image of a dove: You pass away peacefully.

Box with image of a bull: You become death.

Box with image of a clown: Death tickles you until you giggle then prances away.

Here’s this weeks #FearFridays poll:



Featured image was found on Deviant Art and belongs to artist Nolan989890

You can find the original art HERE

I will be crawling on the floor and pressing buttons while saving the princess all day today. Hopefully Jeanette Andromeda will make sure I don’t chew on the cats. Send me a groan and a nudge to make sure I am still alive on twitter. @HtvImmortal


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