Hello everyone! Time for another #FearFridays poll. Last week I asked:

You stand in line all day & night for the new Nintendo Switch . How long until you become a Zombie Gamer that hungers for flesh?

Here’s the result:

10% Five minutes after you get home

10% Wait I had a pulse

60% My monies level is at zero

20% Wha? Gamer thumb falls off

So either y’all are broke and can’t afford new fan-dangled electronics or you bought way to much Nintendo stuff on March 3rd. Broke Zombie Gamers are the best! My brain is currently mush from nightmares and not sleeping so I can relate.

As a side note this is not our typical #FearFridays, and it is also not a paid endorsement from a corporate overlord. I am a Legend of Zelda fan, and I have become a Zombie Gamer over the past week playing way to much “The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.”

Now onto this weeks poll!



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