He is still alive

Still here on this earth

But it doesn’t feel like it

Even though he still breaths

Still gets up every morning

Goes to work

And goes to bed

He somehow feels like a ghost to me

A shadow passing by

Every time I see him

My friend

My brother

Every time

He feels less connected

To me

To this world

And I feel lost

Unable to stop the inevitable

We used to laugh

We used to be there for each other

We hated our jobs

Hated the jerks that did not understand us

We leaned on each other when things got bad

And had grand adventures

Now they are over

He does not want them

Does not need them

Does not need me

One day

One day very soon

I know

My phone will ring

And my heart will sink

They will tell me

He is finally where he longed to be

No longer in pain

No longer heartbroken

No longer among the living

And a piece of me will be gone




Featured image comes from HERE

7 thoughts

  1. Such a personal poem. Many layers to you dear friend. We all have the one person that seems to fade in front of us, and even when we are there to support and try our best to help sometimes we fail.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hell, this strikes close to home. I have been both of them. It hurts on both sides of that conversation…

    Wonderfully written. Thank you. Now I have to rinse out my eyes, I think there is dust in the air or something because my eyes are all sorts of watery.

    Liked by 1 person

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