Hello my fellow creeps and crawlies. I have been very distracted as of late, and I am also recovering from my early St. Patties Day activities last night. Once again I am posting a day late, but in a stroke of accidental luck it’s actual St. Patties day so time for another #FearFridays poll.

Last week I asked:

You are entranced by the glowing TV screen all night. There is ! What happens when the sun rises?

Here’s the results from your votes:

23% You turn to dust

15% A poltergeist reach for you through the TV screen

62% Caffeine keeps you alive

0%  Silver spoon cereal death

So I guess most of you ghouls are powered by coffee. Interesting…so in case of a zombie apocalypse hide your Taster’s Choice!

This week I’m asking:

Drinking Game


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