A chain of inspiration, started by you

One of the things I love seeing during Haikuesday is when you guys create a chain of haiku in response to eachother. Like these ones from Paul, Edward (Nano Horror) and Brainmist:

So, inspired by your Hellraiser Haiku, here’s a little artwork to help you with today’s creations.

pinheads sightsb

Created by You

Here’s what you guys made based on last week’s post, #HorrorHaikuesday on #WorldPoetryDay

How Does Horror Haikuesday Work?

We play with words to terrify every Tuesday over in the Twitterverse and here on Horror Made. If you use the #horrorhaikuesday or tag me @horror_made on Twitter I can find your response poems and add them to the next week’s post. Or, if you prefer not to twitter, you can link back to this post and I’ll be able to see the link and do the same. So join on in my friend. We have such wicked delights to share.

Prints and Such

In case you need something to bring a little misery to your dungeon walls, you can buy prints and mugs and things with today’s artwork through my Society6 Store.


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