It’s been a hot minute since we did a book tour here on Horror Made, so I am happy to welcome today’s author, Don Sloan into our digital pages. Don is the author of the new book The Sisters: A Mystery of Good and Evil, Horror and Suspense.

Today we have a 3 question micro interview with him to share and at the very end of the post you will have to opportunity to enter to win a free book trailer created by Don.

Speaking of Trailers

Here is the offical trailer for “The Sisters”

Next up, the Interview

What attracts you to writing horror?

Like many horror writers, I was raised on Poe and Lovecraft, and graduated to Bradbury and, later,  King and Straub. Seems like with those roots — grounded as they are in exploration of the dark side of characters and skin-crawling situations — I can’t seem to write anything else. Honestly, I’ve tried, but my players always want to take a creepy turn, or experience a don’t-go-in-there moment.

the sisters don sloanWhere did the initial idea of “The Sisters” come from?

My wife and I were visiting Cape May, NJ in January, 40 years ago, and the shore was deserted — as were the summertime Victorian palaces that line Beach Avenue. They looked lonely, somehow, and I got the idea, “What if they’re silently whispering to each other about all the terrible things that have happened within their walls over the last 100 years?” Gruesome things. Ghastly things. Death. Dismemberment. And so I invented a dark beast and its terrible keeper, whose sole purpose was to keep The Sisters entertained.

What what your biggest challenge when it came to writing this book?

I had to constantly force myself to not just “go for the gore.” I wanted The Sisters to be more psychological horror than straight-up wanton bloodletting. Really good horror — like all good fiction — puts story and characters first, making you care deeply for them. So when something is about to steal silently down from the attic in the darkest hours of the night, the reader feels compelled to reach into the pages and somehow intervene.

Book Synopsis

In this book, written in the style of Stephen King, two young people on vacation in a small New England seacoast town battle unspeakable horror and solve a hundred-year-old mystery. Fourteen Victorian mansions whisper dark secrets among themselves, and a dangerous shadow roams up and down the wide, wintry boulevard in search of new prey.

You can find a copy of “The Sisters” on Amazon:

About Don

I am a former journalist for a large metropolitan daily newspaper and also an avid book reviewer, with more than 200 reviews posted on Amazon. My goal with the Dark Forces Series is to present readers with a new and exciting horror and suspense thriller experience. I currently live in the mountains of Western North Carolina with my wife and, when not writing, enjoy a cold glass of Chardonnay in the evenings, sitting on my back deck.

Author Website  ♦  Author page on Amazon   ♦  Goodreads



About The Prize

Don, along with being an author, creates book trailers to help promote new novels. He’s offered to create one for free for one of you lovely readers/fellow authors. So, if you would like to enter to win a free book trailer, leave me your answer in the comment section;

What book would you want a trailer made for?

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