As I wander aimlessly through the days and nights of my life I must find a rock. A solid place to focus upon. A destination. I can feel the magic bubbling behind that bolder. Inside that cave of wonder. If I keep moving. Keep traveling, and do not wander too far from the path…I will discover. Discover the wonders not only inside of myself, but in this world. There are others like me. I am not alone. Not alone in my journey. Not alone in my struggles, and not alone in my pain.

I did not ask for this burden. Yet it is mine to bare. Touched by evil which now holds back my magic, my potential. I will find the fountain, and the sword. The sword to destroy the evil that haunts me, and the fountain of magic that glimmers in the distance. I am not alone, and I will smite the dragon. For my magic is strong, and my will is unbreakable.


The Road to Writing




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