Sometimes you invite a vampire into your home and have no idea until it’s too late. And sometimes, you’re lucky enough to have someone to help you escape.

A little context:

2017 has been an interesting period of growth for me. Lots of new work coming in behind the scenes as an illustrator, Immortal Alexander and I have officially taken over the 9th Story Podcast from Dan Foytik and last but not least I’ve been doing all of the post -show author interviews for the Wicked Library Podcast.

And I haven’t shared a single one because I’ve been trying to cook up too many things at once. That is remedied starting today!

So let’s flash back to the 1st episode of The Wicked Library I joined in on as the post show interviewer, Wickedly Bizarro.

705 TWL

If you would rather just jump to listening to the episode you can find it here: Otherwise…

Here’s a little back story you’ll never hear through listening.

The artwork was a sketch made by myself with a little color help from Dan Foytik.

“Why not just do it digitally like all of your other stuff,” you ask?

Well, I downloaded some “free” software to help with recording my interview with Madeleine (The author of this episode). Which went pretty well actually. Though I was crazy nervous and forgot half of my notes going into the interview, Madeleine was super sweet and patient with me. (THANK GOODNESS!)

Then the cost of that “free” software reared it’s ugly pustule covered head.

I had very thoughtlessly added a beautiful little Trojan in my chrome extensions. When I went to do the artwork I noticed my computer was running reeeeaaaaally slow. So I took a look at my task manager and saw that there was this weird chrome-colored Google chrome logo bouncing in and out of my active-processes list. And multiplying. Oh yes my friend, this internet and computer savvy 20 something invited a vampire virus right on through her front door. Dumb, I know. And it also meant that I couldn’t do the artwork for the episode the way I normally do.

dfoytikSo, long story short, we did manage to get the show together and out into the world but only thanks to to the superhero behind the microphone Dan. He did the editing, the narration, all of the craziness required to post the darn thing AND fixed my artwork? Yeah. Superhero.

If you’re reading this, yes you, can you do my a huge favor? Just, without any context, tweet at Dan (@dfoytik) “You’re basically the superman of podcasting.”

Otherwise, I hope you have an amazing day and that, if something does go wrong, you also discover that someone has your back.

Hey, for what it’s worth, I’ve got yours.

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