To Inspire you:

Once upon a time I had a gold fish, well two gold fish. They were in love. They survived many journeys through the great wintry north, only to live for a week of bliss and peace in my dorm-room before departing from this world within hours of each other.

May memories of childish folly fuel your thoughts today.

rip titana and oberon copy

Created by You:

Last week I shared Galactic Cafe, here’s what you created 🙂


“Drink or face your end.
Your world has lost the war, you
belong to us now.”
© P. Bunnykins






Horror Haikuesday?

It’s a hashtag game we play every Tuesday on Twitter and the blogo-sphere. Make sure to link back to this post or use #horrorhaikuesday on twitter to so I can share your work here next week. If you’d like to read some of our previous poetry from the hashtag you can find a whole bunch here.

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