To Inspire You

I’ve been experiementing with perspective and the pencil tools in corel painter today. I’m pretty darn happy to see how this piece came out. It took me about 2.5 hours to complete it- so that’s why I decided to stick with the rougher sketch look.

A window opens b.png

Created by You

Last week the inspiration was to take a Different Way Home. Here’s what you all created:

Horror Haikuesday?

Use the #horrorhaikuesday to share a horror themed haiku to on Twitter. There’s a bunch of us weirdos playing the game every Tuesday. If you write a poem based on the artwork from today I’ll find it using the hastag. Or, if you have a blog, you can link back to this post and I can find it that way.

Want to help support me on my artistic journey?

That’s awesome! I have mugs! We can drink coffee out of them together. Come visit my Society 6 store to see what’s what.


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