Inspired by you:

Last week… I over slept… This week, I’m catching up. But your poems into the swirling dark of Haikuesday warmed my weary soul. For your cries into the echoing darkness I offer this:

empty voices in the hall b.png


Create by You:

Horror Haikuesday?

Use the #horrorhaikuesday to share a horror themed haiku to on Twitter. There’s a bunch of us weirdos playing the game every Tuesday. If you write a poem based on the artwork from today I’ll find it using the hastag. Or, if you have a blog, you can link back to this post and I can find it that way.

Want to help support me on my artistic journey?

That’s awesome! I have little zipper pouches to hide secrets in available on my Society 6 store. Come visit. ❤

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