Traveling down a darkened tunnel

Moving slowly

Don’t let them see you

Emerging on the other side

Don’t let them see you

Small creatures

Little legs with furrowed brows

Waiting to run your way

With malicious intent

A spotlight shines down in the center of the arena

You make your way toward it leaping from platform to platform

The small creatures are now fully aware and they swarm below you

Beneath every platform waiting for you to fail

For you to loose your nerve and fall to your doom

You see the prize

The shiny question block hovering in the distance

You twirly your mustache with your left hand

And steel your mind

Suddenly more creatures emerge from hidden places

They throw blunt objects at your from every angle

You leap forward with confidence and dodge them with ease

You leap and back flip from platform to platform like an acrobat

You’re portly body hides great power

You tighten your gloves and spin your way across an enormous cavern

Just as you reach the other side the floor beneath you disappears

Lost as boiling rock emerges from cracks

The earth is bleeding molten lava

And your enemies want to add your blood to this lake of death

The heat and sense of doom is thick and unwavering

Canons emerge from walls

Bullets firing from either side of you

You leap high into the air

And in the cross fire the canons destroy each other



  And mayhem erupt below you as you grab hold of a beam

And pull yourself to safety

There it is

Your prize

Your salvation

Hovering at the very center of it all

What mysteries do the question block hold

What power is contained in this geometric treasure

You slam your fist upward with great might and hear a familiar sound

Slam ding!

This pleases you

A round shape emerges from the top of the now darkened block

No longer a question

Now an exclamation point

Not on the block itself

But in your mind

Something screeches at you

Claw like appendages stretch outward

It latches to your head

It never stops screeching

The gelatinous thing pulses and squirms

It begins to drain the life from your body

In your last moments you can see the creature in all it’s devilish glory

Reflected in the golden buttons of your overalls


Question Block




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