To Inspire You

Already trapped, it’s
only a matter of time
before they take me.

~Jeanette Andromeda

Last week I created a twitter poll asking you guys to pick the location of this week’s haikuesday artwork. And at 41% the near-winner was mental institution. So here’s what I made:

mental haikuesday.png

Created by You:

Last week’s inspiration art was Echoing Voices, and here’s what you made based on it:

Horror Haikuesday?

I’m seriously floored every week when I go through and read these poems. You guys are so damned clever and a lot of your poems make me laugh – in a good way I promise. Unless… my laughter is because of a sense of humor so warped and twisted that it’s actually not a good thing… You decide! I’m just going to keep enjoying the magic you guys make every week.

If you’re new here, #HorrorHaikuesday is a game we play on twitter every Tuesday. We all share a little horror themed haiku and use that hashtag to keep the conversation going. If you create a poem based on this week’s artwork, use the hash tag and feel free to use the artwork as well. I’ll find your tweet and add you to next week’s posts.

Happy haunting my friends.

Want to help me keep making artwork?

I have a store with prints and things to put coffee in! Because coffee is a wonderful thing. Here’s where you can find all that goodness:

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