To find the core of your tale of terror

You must slice through the flesh

Find the details in reality

True terror that is beyond fiction

Pluck them from the still beating heart

And splash crimson to the page

Family savagely eviscerated by an animal

Maniac stores human head in freezer

Tear the details from reality

Make your reader squirm with repulsion and delight

Find true terror

Then wrap it in a layer of delicious fiction

Dark fantasies that lay waiting in your subconscious

Tear them from your mind

Stick a blade in the shadow’s eye

Stretch the darkness like a marionette

And make it your slave

For your pen is it’s only release

To play within the boundaries you have set

Is its only delight

Fear me and feast on the spectacle terror I have wrought

It is no taken root in your mind

And it is something you can never forget



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