To Inspire You:

in the rain b

“Fiend or friend?” Wonders
the girl. “But proof of magic,
that is most certain.”
~Jeanette Andromeda

Created By You:

Last week we were Greeted in the Hall, and you answered the call.







Horror Haikuesday?

If you’re new here, #HorrorHaikuesday is a game we play on twitter every Tuesday. We all share a little horror themed haiku and use that hashtag to keep the conversation going. If you create a poem based on this week’s artwork, use the hash tag and feel free to use the artwork as well. I’ll find your tweet and add you to next week’s posts.

Happy haunting my friends.

Want to help me keep making artwork?

I have a store with prints and fluffy pillow things to rest your bum on. Because great art deserves to be sat on. Wait… a minute…

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