To Inspire:

I needed you. In blank-page-frustration last night I called out to you guys on Twitter, I needed your childhood fears to feed my imagination. Here’s what you shared:

confessed, “My Nan’s snoring.”

said, “In my bedroom in the corner was a full-length mirror that stood on two “feet” & I always had nightmares that it would wobble toward me.”

shared “Telephones. Really. The wired ones. In the dark corner of “the phone room”. The gap under the door to laundry room.” […]”Phone was in a dark corner. Lift receiver & you’d hear clicks & buzz, ghosts of conversations. Rural tech & vivid imagination, 1980s 😶

, “…. Witches in the sewer who would come through the toilet when you sat down. I know, I was weird 😔

Thank you all for sharing these with me. Because of you, I can now share this:

clickbuzzzhello b

“Buzz… Click… Hello…”

While the phone rang out
I was blind to the dangers
lurking behind me.

~Jeanette Andromeda

Created by You:

Out of last week’s post, They cannot confine, some incredible haiku were spawned.

Horror Haikuesday?

If you’re new here, #HorrorHaikuesday is a game we play on twitter every Tuesday. We all share a little horror themed haiku and use that hashtag to keep the conversation going. If you create a poem based on this week’s artwork, use the hash tag and feel free to use the artwork as well. I’ll find your tweet and add you to next week’s posts.

Happy haiku-ing my friends.

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