Created By One Of You:

For (most of) the month of August I’ll be traveling in Italy to visit with family and I have no idea how well I’ll be able to stay connected during that time. (I’m hoping I’ll at least be able to read what you’re all writing  on twitter). However, in favor of planning for the worst, August’s Haikuesday posts are going to be a little bit different.


This month I would like to feature one of our fellow Horror Haikuesday Poets. She has written a poem a day for over two years. That’s, at current count, over 880 poems!She’s constantly promoting our little hashtag game and sharing her joy through playing the ukulele. Our featured poet for the month of August is our very own:

Kylie Goetz

When Kylie was 5 she wanted to be either a nun or a lounge singer. I’m not sure how she’s doing as far as those goals, but I am excited to share her poem and today’s inspiration art.

To Inspire You:

inspiration monster b

Nothing seems enough to appease the voices
inside and insidious, spitting recriminations
of time rotting/of ideas wheezing/of banality personified
this suspicion of recognition that we are
unoriginal, forgettable, ephemeral
so the frenzy of activity
of making by taking pieces of ourselves
and selling and sending and waiting and wishing
for a whisper back from the inky black beyond
a “yes, through your works you shall live on”

~Kylie Goetz 

What does a year’s worth of poetry look like?

I’m so glad you asked, but it’s Kylie you will answer with her book CathARTic.




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