To Inspire You:

As this month I am traveling to one of the far corners of the world, we continue with August’smonth-long collaboration with the featured poet Kylie Goetz.

So here is this week’s inspirational artwork (created by myself ) and a fresh new poem from Kylie:

We dont invite alice c
Window-ledge pie thieves
have ceased to be a problem
for inventive chefs

before he cheated
the secret ingredient
was love not hemlock

the apocalypse
no excuse for becoming
a lazy hostess
~Kylie Goetz

Created by One of You:

I mentioned last week that Kylie’s been written one poem every day for over two years. Where has she been keeping it all?! Oh, I’m so glad you asked. She keeps it all on her blog: Here’s a little peek at one of the hundreds of poems she’s shared from there:

Sunday, August 6, 2017


nightmares into waking hours seep

the heavens painted in blood and black
against my better judgement I leap
into the cthonic, ink stained day
pools of broken sky at my feet
and the patter on my fabric shelter
belts a steady beat at pace
with breaking heart and
breaking heat to cool
the sticky stifle of a rancid day
~Kylie Goetz


If you’d like to help support her work, please, take just a moment wander over to her site, and share one poem that speaks to you. Thank you for being amazing and I’ll see you over on twitter with the rest of today’s #HorrorHaikuesday creations. ❤

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