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allroadsleadtoterror8112017Once upon a time I reviewed a book called All Roads Lead to Terror, and was enormously happy with the story I found nestled in it’s pages. Which is why I’m happy to share that the author, Richard Schiver, has just released book 3 of the Dreadland Chronicles, Legion of the Damned!

To celebrate he is giving away book 1, All Roads Lead to Terror from August 11, 2017 until August 13, 2017.

To claim your copy and join the adventure, pop on over to this Amazon page. For a limited time, you can download it for free.


Want to know more?

The Dreadland Chronicles is a post apocalyptic dark fantasy inspired by Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, that seeks to answer the following question.

If Roland Deschain was the last gunslinger, who was the first?

All Roads Lead to Terror Synopsis

Who will become the first gunslinger?

They are three, bound by a fourth, coming together in a post apocalyptic world to confront a growing evil that threatens to destroy mankind once and for all. But can they overcome their own differences in time to save their world, and the fate of all the others?

Fourteen years have passed since the dead walked, and obscurity means survival in an increasingly dangerous world. For the survivors compound at Bremo Bluff that obscurity is threatened when a group of children are abducted.

Four boys embark on a quest to rescue the children. A journey that will lead them into adulthood, with a brief detour through the Dreadlands, as they come face to face with the harsh reality of a brutal world beyond the barriers that had served to protect them.

In the dead city of Richmond they will face a savage cult who worship a creature of the night. They are not gods, nor are they demons. Born of despair these creatures lived along the shadowy edges of our well lit world. Where misery dwelt hand in hand with anguish.

When the dead walked, and man fled the cities to the east, he left behind an offspring of man’s despair. Once viewed as the nightmare imaginings of a fevered mind, these creatures were now awake in a world where the population that served as their food source has been severely reduced.

Awake, and very, very, hungry.

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Here’s what I thought:

All Roads star rating

Legion of the Damned Synopsis

Hell was coming to Paradise

As each of them struggled with their own demons they get a small taste of the chaos of the cosmos, and what their place might be in the fight to restore order. The shadowy figure that has been trailing them conspires with their enemies as he becomes more  involved in keeping them from achieving their ultimate goal.

In the remote desert world of Nechos, the nexus of all the worlds, they corner and kill Nickoli. Unfortunately the act fails to free Window from his curse and he discovers he has had the ability all along to rid himself of this parasite. But can he?

Haunted by the memory of what he’d done in Richmond, repulsed by the unrestrained glee that overwhelmed him, Billie-Bob falls deeper into the bottle as he battles his demons. His drinking results in his capture by the family of cannibals he once escaped from. This time he is taken to Paradise, a small compound along one of the tributaries leading to the Chesapeake Bay. Here he discovers hell on earth when he realizes Paradise is anything but for the captives held there. Reduced to nothing more than livestock to feed the population of Paradise his presence brings renewed hope to the captives as he fights against his captors at every turn.

While following the trail left by Billie-Bob’s captors, Meat, Window and Einstein come upon the shattered remnants of the church that had given them shelter on their trek north. Many of the its inhabitants had perished in the attack, but most of the children escaped. They join the boys on their journey south to rescue Billie-Bob, and exact their vengeance on those who had taken away the only home many of them had ever known.

Hell was coming to Paradise, and there would be no denying its vengeance.


Available exclusively through Amazon, and don’t worry, if you missed the freebie days, you can still read for free with Kindle Unlimited.

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Full Dreadland Chronicles Series Links

Available exclusively through Amazon, read for free with Kindle Unlimited.

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About Richard

Richard is the author of six novels, two novellas, and a collection of short stories with much more on the way. His short work has appeared in a diverse range of publications from Dark Moon Digest to The Backbone Mountain Review. His most recent works includes All Roads Lead To Terror. The Reaping, and Legion of the Damned. Books one through three in his post apocalyptic coming of age series, The Dreadland Chronicles.

Unlike other writers who knew they wanted to write the moment they became self aware, Richard’s path to taking up the pen followed a more leisurely route.

As a child he wanted to be a fighter pilot, later he thought it would be neat to be a rock star. Unfortunately, as an introvert, he was not suited for the stage. Once he gave up the guitar, much to the relief of his parents, he turned his attention to making movies.

Armed with an 8mm movie camera, several rolls of aluminum foil liberated from the kitchen, and the spare bed sheets, he filmed his first masterpiece. The story was about a space ship crash landing in the woods behind his house. His sister starred as the damsel in distress while his little brother, wrapped like a mummy in the spare bed sheets, chased her through the woods.

His career as a famous director ended before it even got off the ground when on opening night his mother recognized the missing bed sheets and  aluminum foil resulting in his grounding for the remainder of that summer.

A voracious reader, he believes writing is the most intimate form of communication possible. The reader permits the writer access to their mind, and the readers reality dissolves as they focus on the narrative of the tale being spun.

His love of the macabre was sparked at an early age when he would sit on his grandmother’s porch listening to her tell ghost stories. During the summer he and his cousins would sleep in his grandmother’s back yard, within sight of the abandoned haunted house next door, and spend the night scaring one another with gruesome tales of shadowy creatures that went bump in the night.

During his life he has played a series of roles, husband, father, son, and lover, but his favorite by far is grandfather. He and his wife of twenty plus years have raised four children, and helped raise eight grandchildren. They provide a secure home to a yellow lab named Max and a cat who will answer to either Flame or Furball.

His loving wife, Dena has experienced first hand the exasperation of living with a writer whose mind has a tendency to wander at the most inappropriate times. Yet she manages to keep his feet firmly planted on terra firma.

Richard can be found online at:


He can be contacted directly at rschiver@gmail.com and would be delighted to hear from you or you can join Richard’s readers group for sneak peeks at works in progress, and free short stories, only available to his subscribers.

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