To Inspire You:

I leave your minds in the capable hands of our featured poet today, Kylie Goetz. Poetry is from Kylie and the artwork is from me. (I’m Jeanette, in case you’re new here. If you are new, Welcome!!!!).

decay b

She loved him past death
even into hell transformed
she would not let go

How a migraine feels
hollow yet throbbing as
demons gnaw your skull

Your vices made whole
will feed on you unto death
then suck your marrow.

~Kylie Goetz

Horror Haikuesday and our Kylie

Kylie’s been an active part of the #HorrorHaikuesday game we play on Twitter for over a year now. Crazy right?! Here’s a few of her haiku from the past:




Need More?

kylie goetzKylie can help with that. She’s (at the time of writing this) passed 900 daily poems. They’re all written and ready for you to enjoy over on

I also recommend sending her a 🤡 on twitter. I just think it would be funny if we all sent a 🤡. hehehe. She’s @eXtremeKylieG , in case you were wondering. 🤡

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