To Inspire You:

Read to the end to find out how to enter to win a signed print from me. 😉

On to the horror poetry! With artwork by yours truly and poetry by this month’s featured poet, Kylie Goetz!

chainsaw haiku 3

The juggler’s chainsaws
always returned to his hand
well…until today

~Kylie Goetz

Created by One of You:

Here’s a poem from Kylie’s poem-a-day project that I thought fit today’s theme. BTW – She’s written over 900 poems now! Woo! You rock it Kylie!

From Sunday, June 18, 2017


so easy to get
the message mixed
you think it’s that
and they think it’s this
and before you can blink
your signals are crossed
haywire the plan
you thought out
now just lost
the lines just too blurred
the life incomplete
all so fucking messy
the things you made neat
don’t count on the ones
you thought on your side
they’re out for themselves
those on whom you’ve relied
what out for yourself
make your own joy
don’t count on that one
he’s just a decoy

~by Kylie Goetz

A Prize?!

This Haikuesday I offer you a new challenge on top of the usual #horrorhaikuesday game- visit Kylie’s blog and leave a haiku based on this poem. In the 1st week of September (2017) I will randomly select one person from the comment section to send a signed print of your choosing from my Soicety6 store.

Let’s spread the lov- I mean… terror. Yup. Scary terror time.



Nailed it.

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