To Inspire You:

Today is the final week of haikuesday featuring the poet Kylie Goetz. And as a bonus, at the end of this post you will have one more chance to enter to win a signed print from me, so stick around to the end my friend.

This week, Kylie shared a poem with me and I created artwork based it.

She sang as she swung
the rope twang in tune with her
in duet macabre
~Kylie Gotez

singing and swinging b


Did You Know?

Did you know that Kylie has a couple of blogs? One is where she creates a new poem everyday and another with even more poetic creations. Here’s a poem from her second blog,

Madverse Prompt: out of the wasteland, scattered among, sacred & profane

scattered among the ramshackle graveyard
of rotting wood & broken stone
of angels eroding into demons
here between the sacred & profane
those dusty knights were slain
rode out of the wasteland and into death
for the smile of woman they never even saw
for the whisper of soft & silken drawers
dropped in the capitol beyond their ken
but still they marched & fought & died
these the King’s loyal men
~by Kylie Goetz

Loving Kylie’s work?

You can find volume 1 of Kylie’s poetry-a-day here: cathARTic: a year in poems

A Prize!

For a chance to win a signed print of your choosing from my Soicety6 store, visit Kylie’s blog and leave a haiku based on this poem. In the 1st week of September (2017) I will randomly select one person from the comment section to send the prize to. 🙂





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