Hello my friends! As many of you know, Immortal Alexander and I took over the 9th Story Podcast from Daniel Foytik this year. Dan, in case you didn’t know is the creator of The Lift podcast and many others, including the 9th Story.  As we speak, Immortal Alexander and I are starting up our 2nd season as hosts of the podcast! But looking back I realized I missed a huge opportunity…

cover art season 5

Why didn’t I share the episodes here?

To be honest? I just didn’t have enough time. But right now, with the breath of time between seasons I figured I could and should start posting previous episodes of the 9th Story here. And since I can schedule these puppies ahead of time – there’s no reason I can’t get it done now.

What is the 9th Story Podcast?

danfoytik.pngIn seasons 1-4 with Dan as the host, it was an exploration of storytelling through interviews and conversations with storytellers of all types. Visual artists, writers, filmmakers, we’re all storytellers at our core.

In season 5 with Immortal Alexander and I running things we noticed that our focus went from exploring storytelling as a whole to exploring writing as a craft. We also noticed that most of the people reaching out to us on social media were also writers. So we asked ourselves, “How can we help these amazing people out more?”

Which is why in season 6 we’re focusing even more by talking to other writers to help us answer specific questions. Why do we write? What do readers want? How do you write dialog? How can NaNoWriMo help you get back on track? And the list goes on and on.

So, if you are a lover of storytelling or, more specifically, a writer then you’ve found a  podcast that’s write up your alley. Stay tuned for bi-weekly updates here if you want to enjoy the archive in little bites. Or subscribe on your favorite podcatcher to stay up to date with our latest episodes.

PS: We launch the new season of the 9th Story Podcast on Monday, September 11, 2017! Woot woot!

Where to find the 9th Story:

itunes stitcher tunein google play rss


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