To Inspire you:

Last week, two beautiful people I’m happy to call friends got married. To them, and to you, I offer this thought.

till life do us part blog sized.png

Forever grinning,
we know worlds will waste away
before our love will.
~Jeanette Andromeda

Created by You:

Last week Our Lady of Horror Haikuesday seemed to inspire some interesting thoughts. Here are a few to get the rusty ol’ brain cogs rolling today:




Art and Sundries

New artwork goes up every month on my Society6 Store 🙂 This month, all of the artwork was initally created on black paper with white ink. Check out my sundries on

Horror Haikuesday?

If you have access to twitter, you can enjoy #horrorhaikuesday LIVE. Woah, crazy right? 😉 Each week I share a piece of artwork to inspire my poetically inclined friends to create a horror themed haiku. We share, we laugh, we squirm, and we simply have a good time breaking up the work week with some wickedness. Share your haiku with the #horrorhaikuesday in it and we’ll find it and give it a read.

Happy haunting. ❤

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