Week two of Podcast Friday! Woot Woot! I’m on a roll now. This week I’d like to direct your ears to season 7 episode 1 of the Wicked Library Podcast. I’m very happy and honored to have been invited to be the post-show interviewer for this podcast this season. So on most of the episodes where there is a single story, you’ll hear my voice asking all sorts of questions. TWL-Card-701-1200x920

This episode however… was before I quite had my demonic ducks in a row. Hey, it’s my first year actually being involved in making podcasts! There have been a few growing pains. Though nothing as painful as the ones taking place in this particular episode.

Here’s the story blurb:

A teen boy has a special bear from his childhood. A bear that will go out of it’s way to keep the monsters at bay, but in doing so who is the real monster?

Ready to be entertained?

You can listen to the show here: TheWickedLibrary.com/701 or by subscribing in Apple Podcasts | Android |or in your RSS and scrolling back the the beginning of season 7.

This episode was written by Stuart Conover with artwork by Steven Matiko and music by Ryan Lessard. As for the narrator, you’ll surely recognize the voice of the talented Daniel Foytik.

I hope your weekend is full of wicked delights. ❤ See you next Haikuesday.

~Jeanette Andromeda


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