The flashback pod posts begin!
Immortal Alexander and I talked to the creators of the short film Silents Hills P.T. in Real Life on our 1st episode of the 9th Story Podcast. In this episode we are flying with out Dan to help us for the 1st time talking to filmmakers, Courtlan Gordon and Ryan Becker from the Oddest of the Odd on YouTube.

I really enjoyed the conversation we had with the Oddest of the Odd guys. It was fun to chat about storytelling in film and the behind the scenes stories they shared.  But my favorite part is the story they share about the refrigerator. That still makes me giggle.

In this episode Immortal Alexander performs a short story from Courtlan Gordon called “LIGHTS OFF AND HEADPHONES IN, ” which has now been fully produced as a video! I’ll add that to the end of this post for your entertainment pleasure. And I highly recommend listening to it with headphones on. It’s suspense done right. But first! Here’s where you can listen to the interview:

Episode 501- Oddest of the Odd with Courtlan Gordon and Ryan Becker:

To Listen and Subscribe to the 9th Story:

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Lights off and Headphones in – in living color:

Happy haunting my friends. ❤

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