To Inspire You:

It’s the last day of September! That means all of next month is craziness and wicked costumes and conventions and candy and *gasps for breath* and the launch of my new Art YouTube channel! Whoot Whoot! So if you’re here for my art, you’ll be getting more of that moving forward. If you’re here for the poetry- I’ll get out of your way so you can get to enjoying that.

fly away blog sized.png

Out with the old and
into the night her cackles
echo in dead ears.
~Jeanette Andromeda

Created by You:

Last week our inspiration was a in Tenuous Paws. Here’s what you had to say:







Need Something for a Special Someone?

I can help with that! If they like weird gothy art and things to put hot brews in…

I’m new here, what’s going on?

Oh, hey there! Welcome to the cobweb coated corner of the internet known as Horror Made. I create new artwork every week to help inspire awesome people on twitter to write a new horror themed haiku each Tuesday. If you’d like to join in or see what everyone’s making just use the #HorrorHaikuesday on Twitter. We’ll find you 😉

Beware of normal people, they’re scary. ❤

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