TWL-Card-702-1200x920I don’t know about you, but I have always been afraid of what might be hiding in the closet. As a kid it was ghosts and shadow people. As an adult it’s actual people, ghosts, shadow people, and the mountains of dirty laundry I’ve been studiously avoiding.

But let’s go back to that mystical view of the closet that our younger selves had and see what one girl experiences with

The Man in the Ambry

A lonely girl writes letters to the creature residing in her family’s ambry. Her parents don’t believe the creature is real… until they start finding otherworldly objects in the girl’s room.

This story was written by Gwendolyn Kiste with artwork by Matt Andrew and music by Ryan Lessard. Your narrator this episode is the multi-talented Cynthia Lowman. And the post-show author interview is hosted by Daniel Foytik.

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